Monday, December 28, 2009

Back to it

Well after three days of fun and games over christmas it's time to get back to it as it were as I'm back to work tomorrow.

Still I can't complain as I have had four days off, well okay I could complain but it would make me sound a bit childish and a bit sad. and lets face it I'm sad enough already :-)

I got lots and lots of nice goodies from santa and Tapdance and Grumpy on Christmas day, including so many books that it should keep me going until at least midway through January. Well I do read rather quickly after all.

The first part of the Doctor who two parter was okay, I think it can be best summed up by one review which said it wasn't a dream but it also wasn't a nightmare. Still I am hoping that as they've set all the plot points up the second part should be really, really good.

Tap dance and I spent the weekend up north as it were to see some of the extended family. They've had significally more snow up there, then we've had down here around geektown but the weather service is promising more snow later this week, so we might well have a a 'white new year'.

Grumpy and I spent today going into Derby to the large shopping centre they have in town. I made good use of some of the vouchers I had been given to get a CD, three DVD's, including Chuck season 2 and the Big Bang theory season 2, and four new books including one that has been written by one of the guys I used to work with. I was supposed to be getting a free copy but as it's been out for more then three months and I offically left my last work two months ago, I decided that it wasn't likely to happen. Plus they were having a three for two offer in waterstones. So with the new pile of books I got today I'm probably going to be set for reading until the end of January now.

It was odd in waterstones as I saw the section of books that are produced by the company I used to work for and when I saw that one was misprinted my first reaction was still " I better mention that at work" despite it being two months since I left. I suppose some habits are hard to get rid of after almost five years.

Still, onwards and upwards as they say. Musn't dwell.

Thats all for today folks. The new day of the triffids adaption is on so must dash.


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Scully said...

I lucked out and was able to watch the first part on Saturday on BBC America - I was kind of blown away with all the stuff they tried to cram in there. But I agree it all depends on how the 2nd part pans out. Glad you had a great Christmas!