Thursday, December 17, 2009

The sky is falling

The weather must have heard me complaining yesterday as it was rather cold this morning when I got up. Not only that the car was iced up. Not thick ice mind you, that really annoying thin kind of ice that seems to resist de icer forcing you to search for a scraper.

It did snow today and almost approached blizzard level of snow at one point, but it didn't last and the ground was too wet for it to settle properly. Now if I had been off work I would have been disappointed, but as I was working I was rather glad as long term readers know my reasons for not liking icey conditions in the slightist!

We were also given our 'names' for our teams secret santa today. I thought last years was hard and I had known the person for several years, now I've got to buy something for someone I've barely known for three weeks and I've barely spoken to them at that! I'm just really worried I'm gonna commit some huge faux paus but getting them the wrong thing.

Todays quote of the day comes from one of my colleagues which was delivered in a deadpan voice in answer to another colleagues questions of where was all the snow coming from?
" The sky"

I've just seen the trailer for the new Iron man movie. It's aweeessssoommmmeeee...........
I can't wait for May.

Well it's Friday tomorrow. Which means another dress down day ( we're having them on every Friday in december) and it also means just one week till Christmas.


Later folks!

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