Friday, December 18, 2009

Better then nothing

It was once again rather cold this morning. Fortunatly the ice on the car was thicker which meant the de-icer worked a lot better, which sounds strange but it did.

I was more worried however that I would have to face a repeat of what happened last night when exiting the staff car park. As when I got to the gate, when you have to press a button to be let out I found out that my window was iced shut. As you have to get quite close to the stand to be able to press the button, there wasn't a whole lot of room to open the door, and try and squeeze round it to push the button. I'm not sure who I provided the greatest entertainment too, the person in the car behind or security who probably watched the whole thing on the cctv!

Todays quote of the day
" I know where it's going but I don't know where it needs to be collected from. Is that a problem?"

Well it's now the weekend which means it's the last weekend before christmas which I'm sure will mean that the shops are going to be totally packed! Oh well maybe the cold will persude a few people to stay home.

Question of the day I couldn't answer very well
" How does de-icer work?" my response " It melts the ice"

Random question of the day I would like answered
" Why will our office radiator work or the hall radiator work but both won't work together?"

Random thought of the day
" Is the new fiero roche advert where they use the greek gods false advertising? Or are they saying the greek gods really did make that choclate?"

Later folks.

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