Monday, May 26, 2008

No lie in

Well any thoughts of me getting a extra long lie in this morning as it was a bank holiday were rudely crushed by the arrival of our 'visitor' this morning, as he likes to bark. A lot. I suspect it's to do with him being in a different house without his owner so he gets unsettled.

Here's Chan on the Windowsill

and here is with grumpy in the Back Garden.

Fortuantely Engineseer and I had decided to do something today and in a inspired decision he decided to change the plans so we went to his instead of him coming here. Which meant I got to avoid the barking dog for the rest of the day.

Suffice to say we had a geeky afternoon, doing some painting, model making, and playing a game as Photoshop's lad J came round as well. So we were teaching him how to play and do some painting too.

As you can see from the photos here.

We headed out to the cinema this evening to meet up with some of the other YSA to see the new Indiana jones movie. It's very good but not as good as the Last Crusade. It was funny as on the row we all sat on in the cinema all the girls were crowded at one end and were chatting to each other a lot before the start of the movie. We could only catch snatches of the conversations.

" Surprise Still Human"

" It's unrecognisble from 18 or 20"

" It can happen"

" I know"

If anybody has any ideas as to what the rest of the conversation that linked these snipperts was please let me know.

Social was there but didn't speak to Engineseer or I "sigh". I do miss talking to her and I don't know why she wouldn't talk to me. Cordelia is also moving soon to the other end of the Stake. It appears that everybody else knew apart from me. I don't know whats going on here. I used to feel like I was an intregal part of the YSA, but I don't feel like that right now.

We were on the way home when Engineseer got a text from Black Widow asking if he was going to be home tonight. After a suggestion this was the text Engineseer sent back in reply.

" No I'm not as Saxon and I are going to invade Poland, the rest of the YSA however think we're being unrealistic and are instead setting their sights on France".

Tune in tomorrow folks. If I survive the huge pile of work I'll have to do that is.


Blackwidow said...

lol well im unimpressed hes here and hes not got a king of Poland hat :P n there no space in Blackwidow lol

Blackwidow said...

lol well im unimpressed hes here and hes not got a king of Poland hat :P n there no space in Blackwidow lol

Saxon said...

no he hasn't got a King of Poland Hat. I think he got the King of Poland socks instead. :-)

drat said...

Ok, here are my best attempts at the others snippets of conversation!

What would you not want to hear at a genentic modification center?
"Surprise Still Human"

How would you describe the number 19?
"It's unrecognisble from 18 or 20"

The other day my bum didnt look bit in that
"It can happen"

Like, totally
"I know"

do i win a prize?

Anonymous said...

WOWWWWWWWWWWWW whos is that doggy?

I want more pictures of animals!!!

Saxon said...

That's great Drat. I couldn't stop laughing for ages after reading that.

I could give you a shiney non existant prize? How would that be :-)

Or you could choose a topic I have to write about for my next blog post. Unless anyone else comes up with better suggestions?

Saxon said...

it belongs to Grumpy's friend.

Anonymous would you be JC by any chance?

Anonymous said...

course its me

couldnt remember my details so thought i would be anonymous