Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's all too familiar

The end of spring/start of summer 2007. The weather takes a turn for the worse and becomes rainy and miserable. Rhianna is at number 1 in the singles chart and we get stuck with the Summer of rain where we only have one good day of sunshine and that's the day Engineseer manages to get himself sun burnt.

The end of spring/start of summer 2008. Rhianna is at number 1in the singles chart and the weather takes a turn for the worst becoming rainy and misterable.....................

Why am I starting to feel like I'm in freaking ground hog day...........

Of course to go with the nice miserable weather, I got a huge pile of work as well. I do like Bank Holidays it's just the huge pile of work that results following them that I can't stand. My boss was off ill today and with the number of other people out of the office we seemed to be halfway to doing a repeat of the Marie Celestie yet again.

Oh for those of you wondering what happned to Mike Ball a small clue arrived at the office today, strangly enough as he hasn't worked there in a long time. He appears to have become a DJ, so sent one of the guys in the office a load of business cards. Still doesn't explain why his blog died mind you, but oh well. At least we know he's in the land of the living.

I discovered a huge hole in the reporting system that the warehouse team use to report order status to us. It was quite funny getting a explantion from the customer service team over there as it was like a bit like talking to naughty school children. Nobody wanted to admit to this error especially as it was not only large but pretty freaking obivous as well. Never mind at least we now know it's there and can plug it!

Grumpys now left for his Holiday. So the house is mine all mine, mwah, ha, ha, ha, ha. Of course he did generousily leave a huge pile of washing up for me to do. He seems to have an adversion to doing it. Luckily it doesn't appear to be genetic otherwise I would be in real trouble, he, he. :-)

anyway it's our penultimite ( hmm don't think I spelt that right) institute lesson tomorrow. Which will mean we'll soon have to find something else to do on Wednesday nights. Oh well I'm sure we'll copy :-) Wouldn't want the YSA roaming around unsupervised. Who know what we'd get up too?

Do you know? Seriousily, we have no clue what we're going to do :-)

later Folks!

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