Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I have one or two suggestions

Well the unwelcome sound of my alarm this morning was quickly followed by a second more unwelcome sound. Rain hitting my window. Yes it was raining again today. In fact it kept raining in a drizzle for most of the day, so the skies were all overcast and grey. This is so like last summer it's depressing.

I had to make a real effort to get up and moving really quick this morning because if I fall back asleep Grumpy isn't here to wake me up! Of course it's hard to get moving in the morning when it's so overcast and gloomly.

On the plus side I'm using Grumpys car at the moment which is nicer to drive then mine, but only becasue it's newer. I did get annoyed listening to the radio. The news was going on about the Prime minster meeting with oil chiefs to discuss how to bring oil prices down. Well that's a tough one...wait I know, reduce the tax on petrol! There, saved you a meeting. Apparently the final decision they made was to do more exploring in the north sea to look for more reserves. Yeah that will help with prices right now won't it. I can't believe he even bothered to have the meeting and it was such a half hearted transparent attempt to convince people that he is actually trying to do something about the oil prices. I doubt that will cut the tax mind you, their raking in too much money.

However the government keeps reassuring us that they are listening. Grumpy keeps commenting everytime the PM says that, that the PM should stop listening and start doing something. And I really wish they would stop trotting out that line about how the VAT on petrol is fair and in real terms it's 11% then what it was in 1999. Newsflash! People don't give a monkeys what the price and VAT of petrol was in 1999. They only care about how exspensive it is now.

Speaking of money MP's now want to give themselves something along the lines of a 60% pay increase. I wish my work would give me a 60% increase!

Work was a bit busier today as more people were in. However a bit of a dampener was put on the day as we discovered a sample of one of our books that isn't released until August had gt onto ebay by way of a third party seller. This means we're probably going to have to tighten the rules and list for the next set of books. Only takes one muppet to ruin it for everyone.

Institute was fun tonight. I did find out however that we've got two weeks left on the course, not one after tonight like I thought. This means I'm going to miss the last lesson as I'm going to have to pick Grumpy up that night. C'est la vie I guess.


later folks!

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