Friday, May 23, 2008

Well at least the weather co-operates from time to time

Well there was only a handful of us in the office today by lunchtime. So I might have had no one sitting near me to talk to and as it was a Friday before a bank holiday there wasn't much to do, but at least I could lean back in my chair take a good swig of drink and feel a sense of well I suppose satisfaction to look out of the window and see the rain pouring down. Lots and lots of rain, which will have ruined any outdoor plans anybody who took the day off had. It might have been wrong to feel a little happy that it was raining the worse it had all week but it did feel good.

Well it's the weekend now. Yahh!! And it's also a Bank Holiday so double Yahh! So it will be a long weekend, tripple Yah!! I have no idea what I'm going to do but I guess that's the fun of bank Holidays. You don't have to know :-)

later folks,

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