Monday, May 19, 2008

Slow, slow, quick slow

It was rather a odd Monday today. Usually Mondays seem to go quite slow with everything seeming to go into super slow motion. Sometimes Mondays seem to go extremely fast and it's a struggle to get everything done. Today was odd as it seemed to be a curious mix of the two as at times the day seemed to be going very quickly, then it started slowly, then quickly again annd so on and so on through out the day. I've no idea why this happened and I do have the depressingly feeling that it was indicating it's going to be one of those weeks.

Especially as come Friday I will be the only member of the sales and marketting team in the office. That is not going to be a fun day at all.

Our broadband connection has started to play up again by having the same problem it used to have by refusing to connect to the internet properely for no obivous reason what so ever. We're just hoping that it wil choose to fix itself soon like it did last time as it's getting annoying.

The weather was behaving a little oddly today. It was like it couldn't make up ut's mind whether it wanted to rain or be sunny. Well as long as it doesn't rain all summer again like last year, it will be fine.

I've not gone long to go now until my week off. Finally! Grumpy will also be going on Holiday soon for two weeks as well, which means I'll be getting the house to myself. Of course the downside of this will be having to cook to myself every night but it could have been worse. At least I can cook. :-)

anyway, that's all for today folks,

tune in tomorrow, same geek life, same geek station.


Rhonda said...

The house all alone to yourself?

NOW, that is MY kind of vacation. (Or in UK...Holiday!)

Saxon said...

yep indeed, for two whole weeks!