Thursday, May 22, 2008

And just when I thought things couldn't get any weirder

To summarise today very briefly, Cats, Geekettes, Amniotic caskets, Daemons, Titans, Dreadnoughts, calling random people, the marie celestie.

This will start to make sense, just give me a couple of minutes to explain.

The day started off very strangly when I was making breaskfast, when I noticed two cats in the garden. Both were watching me through the window as I moved round the kitchen, but whilst doing so they didn't move their bodies. They just sat there moving their heads from side to side in perfect time together whilst staying straight ahead. It was one of the strangest darn things I have seen in sometime.

If you haven't visited Nemesis's blog I suggest you do so now by using this link. Based on what she's said and the comments from other vistors the location of YSA geekettes has been solved. They all seem to be in the freaking USA. Arggghhhhh!!!! They like star trek, know what a flux capicator is and even know the term " Frak" and " so say we all". YSA geekettes are real, their actually real, and their all in the USA! D'ohh!!

I am starting to wonder if someone is taunting me here.

I had to spend sometime writing up a report on the latest manuscript I had written for work and realised I needed a second opinon on it. So I went to find someone in the department next door. It did make me realise how cool my job is as their not many jobs where you can have a indepth discussion if the Amniotic casket technologly used in Dreadnoughts can be scaled up and be used in the Princerps MIU interface in Warlord titans.

If anybody has a clue what I'm talking about I'll be very impressed. Quadrupply ( if thats the word) so if it's a girl.

It got very quiet mid afternoon as a lot of people started leaving early as their having a 'long weekend' with it being a bank holiday and on. Well most people asides from Muggins here, but that's a different story. So as we had recently held an event I somehow, still not totally sure how this happened ended up ringing stores to get feedback on how it went. And to be honest it was a lot of fun. Well more fun then I usually have, having to answer emails on a Thursday afternoon.

It took me nearly an hour to get home tonight. I guess a lot of people really are starting their bank holiday weekend early. Well with any luck it will mean a clear run into work tomorrow.

I got home to find the house doing a darn good impression of the Marie Celestie. Dinner in the oven, extractor fan on, no sign of Grumpy or his car, doors locked. Weird! However unlike the orginal this marie celestie mystery was quickly solved as Grumpy came back as he had to make a very quick errand.

I was wondering if Engineseer would need my help with something tonight. As Tuesday it was covering muteral for him, yesterday it was instititue, seriousily we must be one of the only classes where the librarian regularly runs things, so I wasn't sure if tonight could be the third coz as the saying goes, things always come in threes. But no sign of a call so maybe I'm safe.

Maybe it will be tomorrow instead :-) ( yes being cheerful keeps me going doesn;t it :-)

anyway that's all for now folks,

Tune in tomorrow ( If I survive with my sanity intact after being stuck in a empty office all day by myself)

Same geek life, same geek station.

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