Thursday, May 29, 2008

Like anybody would care that much

I'm really quite annoyed at my bank right now. Last year they decided to select me to take part in a trial of a new kind of bank card which has a special feature that can only be used in London. Yes that's right, London. The small facts that I don't live in London, live near London or go into London on a regular basis were apparently no big issue. And the reason for me beign selected, well political correctness. The bank can't only select customers who live in or near London otherwise they could be accused of being biased towards customers in the rest of the country and get sued. Of course the fact that most people who live outside of London couldn't give a monkeys about it was apaprently a no big never mind. So the new card I recieved ssaid all I had to do was activate it and Ic ould take part in this trial. As I had a lot more important thigns to be getting on with, I really couldn't be bothered and forgot about it as I saw no point doing it.

Well yesterday I get a letter from the bank advising me that they had noticed I was using my new card and I should do so as soon as possible as they were about to cancel the card I currently use. Of course I couldn't find the damn trial card anywhere. However the letter did advise if I didn't have the card I could ring them up to ask for a new one. So I did. They told me that they would send a new card out and it would be with me shortly. They matter of factly dropped into the conversation that this process of asking for a new card ( which I'm only getting because they were going to cancel my current one anyway) meant my current card is cancelled right away.

Oh gosh darn and blast it, this is mildily infuriating ( editor note actual language used in thoughts might have varied greatly from language indicated here).

So I can't get any money out until my new card arrives without getting to a bank which is real difficult during the week. It's a good job I stocked the cupboards up last week or I might have been in real trouble.

No apology from the bank about this of course, or for the fact that this only happened because they chose me to take part in a useless trial!

I have only one more thing to say about them

Talking of muppets, that hole the goverments in really couldn't be getting deeper quicker then if they were using explosives to dig it for themselves. Diesel in the UK is the most expsensive in Europe but a newspaper has now helpfully pointed out that if you remove the tax we have to pay it's actually the cheapest. Which has kind of blown the goverments arguement that the high prices are only down to oil prices right out of that darn window.

Work was also interesting in the sense that as it's half term all the people with stupid questions have come out of the wood work, from the kid who wants us to publish his story and won't take no for a answer, to the person who wanted to do which piece of software each of our authors use indiviually to write stories.
One more week to holiday, one more week to Holiday, one more week to Holiday, one more week to holiday...................

I did get some prospectuses in the post today. I'm thinking of doing a course or something. Well I say something as I'm not sure what to do yet, but I know I need to do something to challenge my brain a bit more as I know I'm not as thick as I feel like these days. Grumpy keeps suggesting I should write a book as I used to be quite good at writing stories. But that was a long time ago and I don't know if I can still write that well anymore.

I'm also having to do a lot of work on my new calling right now. Which is strange considering I've not actually been called yet, but all will be revealed on Sunday. Even if you've never heard of this particular calling before.

I saw a funny article on a industry news site today. Apparently there was a big theft from a stand at a comic convention in the USA where $10,000 worth of comics were stolen. The number of actual comics stolen was only 7 and two of them alone accounted for 76% of the total value. It does make me wonder how much some of the comics my parents made me throw out when I was younger would be with now. I'm not going to look any values up.

Knowing my luck it would probably jsut depress me:-)

later folks!


Rhonda said...

YIkes. Hope you get it all straightened out soon. There is nothing more infuriating than to have credit card issues.

But, you could "sue them!" No?!!


Saxon said...

I could do I suppose. But knowing my luck it would probably cost more money then I would win!