Sunday, May 25, 2008

Walk softly and carry a big gun

Well I've just seen the mid season trailer for Doctor Who and it's great. A certain character is back and seems to be packing some serious firepower. Anybody who has been watching the current season closely will now who I mean. I can't wait for those episodes!

My belief that people might be thin on the ground for ward conference was proven to be totally wrong today as the place was packed. Really, really packed! I can't remember the last time I saw the chapel so full.

Sunday school started off quite interesting as well. Our teacher starting talking about Clubs ( I'm not sure how that tied into the lesson I must have missed that bit), and how we should be supporting the YSA club more and turning up to Family Home evenings, as the last one had to be cancelled. Physics then decided to point out that it was strange to tell us to support the 'ysa' club as we all encouraged to 'leave' it by getting married as soon as possible. Our teacher did get that look on her face, which meant she was obivousily wondering if it was going to be one of those lessons. Fortunately she was saved by the bell, or in this case the Bishopric as Brother S came into to call my and physics out saying he needed to talk to us. Now I can't go into anymore detail then that until next Sunday at least. Suffice to say it wasn't for anything bad and you'll understand next week.

Traveller was also visting this week, so I gave her the sponsership money I had promised. The full amount as she had definately earned it! Apparently she's still got to have some work done, although they have already in her words 'scrapped' the dead nerve out. Which just made me shudder when she said that so matter of factly. I have enough problems with the dentist simply doing a check up letting alone scrapping a nerve out.

After the interview with Brother S I got back into Sunday school class to catch the last five minutes of the lesson, which of course meant I didn't have a clue what it had all been about. AS it had gone from talking about clubs to sharing each others loads. I guess that will teach me to forget to read the lesson. Those last five minutes did make me think though as one of the girls entioned that it was hard to share each others loads when we didn't know a lot about each other. Which made me realise she was right as looking around the room I knew that asides from one or two exceptions I have no clue about whats going on in some peoples life. And I suppose they don't know a lot about mine. I don't know whats happened to the YSA spirit in Loughborough but I really wish we could get it back. The lesson also made me realise that I'm slipping back into bad habits too and as Boss Lady told me, I need to ask for help if I need it.

All of the priesthood was meeting together today as it was Ward conference with the Stake president teaching the lesson. We were talking about goals when one of the missionaries said
" It's important to set realistic goals. I could set a goal to baptise the pope but it's unlikely to happen."
At which point Physics leant over and said
" He's right that's not a realistic goal. The pope lives where outside his zone"
After a pause he then leant over again and added
" But even if he was in his zone, the zone leaders would probably grab the pope anyway"

Most of the YSA seemed to vanish as soon as Church ended, so I got aaway pretty quickly as there wasn't much point hanging around. I got home to discover Grumpy had been late in getting back, so we were going to be having our roast dinner for tea. Again. ( this is becoming something of a habit.)

Grumpy is also in a bit of a mood as his phone keeps breaking, by randomingly turning off while he's writing text messages. I had a feeling he's going to need a new handset.

We're also having a visitor tomorrw. Grumpys 'friend', works at antiques fairs on Bank Holidays so needs someone to look after her Dog. Of course Grumpy keeps getting stuck with the dog and he's also be 'pre booked' for august bank holiday. We were talking about it and he was be moaning the fact slightly as he might have wanted to do something on the bank holiday.
I simply told him " You have to learn to say no" at which point we both collapsed into a fit of the giggles as I realised what I had said. Something I had never expected to have to say to my father!

anyway, that's all for today folks ( if there's anyone still out there that is)/

tune in tomorrow, same geek life, same geek station.


Rhonda said...

Your blog and posts always make me giggle. Talking about YSA brings back fun memories...

Yes, I know, I am WAY beyond YSA but I still smile and remember the days.

Enginseer said...

hmm the lesson was fun... untill the bishopric came it looked very much like one of 'those' lessons again! church was good overall though and physics coment about being a little out of the zone was correct. I think his inherant distrust of the zone leaders is misplaced though. I feel that the pope being tought would be bumped up to at least the mission president if not higher....

Saxon said...

Thanks Rhonda, your blog is pretty funny as well.

Saxon said...

so what your saying Engineseer is don't be wary of your higher ups as you should be more wary about the really higher ups?

cordelia said...

It soundsd like thats what hes saying.

And as for YSA spirit. we do try. sorry its not worked out as well as planned. Maybe your next rep will do a better job. :)

Saxon said...

Hmm, wise are the words of the Engineseer are they not? :-)

I know you and Engineseer Try Cordelia. In fact your both very trying .

But please don't think I was accusing you of anything. I don't think it had anything to do with you or Engineseer, I just think it was one of those things