Tuesday, May 20, 2008

There are somethings I guess I'll never get

It was very sunny when I got up this morning. I'm not sure if I'll get used to it being this light when I get up, of course I'm fairly certain I say that every year and just get used to it when it starts to get dark in the mornings again. Oh well, c'est la vie :-)

I entered the office to what I can best describe is a 'wall of scent'. One of the women in our office had one a competition at a soap shop, and one a lot of soap. And when I say a lot of soap I mean a Lotttttttttttttt!! of soap. It covered an entire desk. It also wasn't any standard soap, it was some kind of special soap that people pay anything between £15 to £25 for, and that's per bar. The women who had won was selling it for charity. Unsurprisingly all of the people who came to buy some of this soap bar one were women. Who were willing to 'pay' around £10 for a bar. A bar of soap. I couldn't really see the attraction but I guess that's because I'm a guy and theres just some things that I'm never going to see in the same way as a woman!

She had to move the soap around mid day( it was on the spare desk behind me) as it was starting to give me a headache. It was like sitting on top of a perfume factory!

The rest of the day was pretty slow and quiet. But at least it gave me time to concentrate and blitz through a few things.

I got home to discover then Grumpy had decided to cook sausages for Tea as a change. Which was quite nice as it's been a while since we had sausages. Hmm, I wonder if I can persude him to do shepherds pie next as we haven't had that in a while either.

I was planning to do some painting this evening, but that plan went out the window as I got a urgent call from Engineseer whose planning skills had seemed to fail him at the worst time and he'd managed to double book himself. He was supposed to be going to mutral to help Photoshops lad do some model making but was also suppoed to be at a YSA commitee meeting. So I decided to help him out by going to mutal for him instead. Which was fun, if only to remind me I'm glad I've not got a calling in Young mens as I really wouldn't be able to put up with the three eldest young men they have there who are complete and utter morons at the moment ( their all 17, almost 18). They were eating sweets in the chapel and when one of the leaders asked them to stop one of them actually replied;
" It's okay for us to eat sweets in here. Jesus told me I could"
I don't know if I would have been able to resist the temptation to give the little so and so a slap.

I got a email from Traveller via facebook. Apparently she had completed 50 miles of the 84 mile course when she hit something in the road, lost control and went right over the handlebars, smashing a tooth and gets lots of cuts and bruises on her arms and face. Now most people would have stopped then, but she managed to getback on the bike and go another five miles. She really is tough! She also said in the email that she understood if people didn't want to give her the full sponser money as she hadn't completed the course. Which was very sweet and very like her, but I'm still going to give her the full amount of money as I think she's certainly earned it.


that's all for now folks, tune in tomorrow, same geek life, same geek station


Anonymous said...

Ewwwwwwwww that sounds exciting, what was the soap?

If you dont know perhaps you could kindly find out, I am intrigued....

I am now going to get wasted on home made sloe gin and drown my sorrows! :(

Saxon said...

I think the soap range is called 'lush' but there's none left that I can check

Anonymous said...

O! I thought it would be L'occitane! But thats cool anyway