Tuesday, January 29, 2008

People are actually reading this thing!

I was looking at the visitors location Map and suddenly realised just how many visitors I’m getting this days from all over the world. Which is nice as it no longer feels I am just talking to myself all of the time and also scary in equal measure.
For those of you who haven’t noticed I have added two more blogs to my ‘blogs I read list’. Tri-Ragnar, which is written by a work colleague, who started the blog to document his preparations for running a Triathlon. He’s about as far away from me on the scale of fitness as it’s possible to be right now. The 2nd blog is “I’m so funny” by Alice who you may noticed has been leaving a lot of comments lately (thanks Alice ). I recommend you go and visit the blogs if you have the time.

Alice did ask on her blog if Saxon is my real name. No it isn’t in case anyone was wondering. It’s a case of all name have been changed to protect the innocent (and guilty) kind of thing.
I have inspired Alice to start a new feature on her blog called “ English Ed and Et #1”, as after reading my blog she has found it very interesting the differences between the meanings and usage of some common English words and American words. So if any of you guys have any suggestions to some words that we use in the UK which they use something else entirely please let me know so we can post some definitions for Alice and other US readers. I thought of a couple more today for here. English words on the left, US meanings on the right.

Rubbish bin or bin ( Trash can)
Rubbish ( trash)
Sweets ( candy)
Crisps (chips)
Chips (French fries)

Speaking of sweets. Oh I miss Chocolate! I found myself standing in front of one of the vending machines at work for a very long time fighting my better judgement. Fortunately I managed to resist temptation. I should, baring the risk of giving into temptation finally reach my first target of loosing a stone in weight by the end of this week. So that should mean the first of my bribes, erh I mean cash reward from Grumpy and tap dance.




Scully said...

Is it treason to say I think the English-isms make more sense than the American-isms? I too wondered where 'Saxon' came from. Is it a nod to 'Anglo-Saxon' or is it an hommage to Mr. Saxon on Doctor Who, or something altogether different? And feel free to ignore such a nosy question!

Mike Ball said...

Well there's a few I've come across...

Cleats - in the US are like football boots

Football in the UK is soccer in the US

Football in the US is American Football in the (do you even use your feet in American Football?)

And don't get me started on the aluminium and tomato pronounciation controversy!

Saxon said...

do you even use your feet in American Football?)

I have no idea Mike but I'm sure Alice or scully can tell us

Saxon said...

Is it treason to say I think the English-isms make more sense than the American-isms?

maybe to other Americans Scully but us Brits will let you off :-)

I've been using the name saxon for so long I honestly can't remember where I came up with it from

Scully said...

I know very little about American football, as I think it is a ridiculous sport, but I know they occasionally use their feet. For kicking field goals, which is something they can do after scoring a touch down, in which it is worth 1 point, or for some other reason, in which it is worth 3 points. I think.

Not to bring up controversies, but Mike, there is also the way Americans pronounce 'irrevocably'. ;)

Mike Ball said...

Not to bring up controversies, but Mike, there is also the way Americans pronounce 'irrevocably'. ;)

I always get the pronunciation of 'schedule' confused too!

Is it 'shedule' or 'skedule'???

Too confusing!

Saxon said...

I know very little about American football

but you still know more then me Scully :-)

Alice Wills Gold said...

Hey Saxon,

Thanks for your shout out. I love you man!

My power has been out and I am just catching up. I will get into my 2nd English Ed & Et post ASAP!

I will also be back to comment here on the other posts..i have to run right now...maybe be back later today or tonight

P.S. I have a nice single LDS friend who says she would love to strike up a friendship with an Enslighman....her blog is linked on mine...Ader, Stephanie. Go and say Hi.

Saxon said...

Hi Alice,

I was wondering where you were.

I'll go and have a look at your friends blog now

Alice Wills Gold said...

Hey Saxon,

i posted my response as my second edition of english ed & et. I am realizing that there are endless possibilities with this thing.

I am glad you are on board with me!

Saxon said...

we'll have to try and come up wih some more english-isms for you Alice