Sunday, February 28, 2010

Technically correct

Well when I go into work tomorrow and ask how my weekend went I can say that

" I flew a plane, started construction on three evil robots to go in my new army, performed to a packed venue and was invited to sit on a back row by three girls at once"

and I'll be telling the truth at least technically speaking.

I'm sure that the facts that the plane was only one in Wii Sports resorts for the Wii, the three evil robots are 28mm scale and plastic models, everybody else in the Leicester YSA was also singing at the same time ( thank goodness) and the three girls were the members of the YSA presidency and it was only the back row of the stand in the Leicester stake centre would be of no interest to anyone whatsoever :-)

Well it's the start of March tomorrow which means we are already two months into 2010 which also means I have two months left on my probabation which is a scary thought as six months seemed like such a long time three months ago!

I'm on a week of lates this week which should be interesting as it certainly prved to be a good learning experience last time round.

Later folks.

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