Thursday, February 25, 2010

Really doesn't help

Today was a day that I heard some people start to refer to as a hell day as we were just overloaded with calls from shall we say somewhat difficult customers. Things didn't start to ease off until mid afternoon by which time a lot of people were just feeling exhausted.

One of the quotes of the day was this

" It's 600 cm long, by 40mm wide as is half a finger thick"

These set of measurements were apparently the dimensions of a a4 sized envelope. No amount of patience explanation could persude this customer that a A4 envelope is not six metres long.

Still on the plus side it's Friday tomorrow and thus another dress down day although this one is for charity so we're having to each pay a pound if we don't want to have "uniform". Some people do complain about having to pay to in their words " wear their own clothes" but no matter how well they try and phrase it they still come off sounding cheap.

I also have my next training session for the NVQ in customer service which I'm studying for by simply doing my job essentially, tomorrow which should be interesting. There's a lot of work to do which although requires basic answers it does make you think a lot about things which are you do with out much thought.

If that makes any sense whatsoever.


Later folks.

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