Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I hope not

One of those random conversations started at work today about if we would ever get video phones in and actually have to speak to people face to face. The general consensus was that this would be a bad idea as the customer would be able to see if you were get frustrated as it's a lot easier to control your tone of voice then it is body language. However I suppose it could have it's benefits the other way as well because if the people could see you theres a good chance they would be a lot less rude. I've noticed this effect recently and I've come to the conclusion as they don't talk to you face to face people find it much easier to be rude to you.

Quote of the day and the winner of the " That doesn't really help award"
" It's not big or small and it's also not that heavy."

It started snowing about a half an hour before I finished work and didn't stop for quite some time. However as it was really quite wet none of it settled, turning the snow from a thing of wonder to something of a cold wet annoyance.

I mean if it's going to snow at least let it snow long enough so I can get snowed in and get a day off work.

Later folks!

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