Saturday, February 13, 2010

Somewhat overdressed

Well I survived my first Saturday shift even if I was cursing when I arrived as they had forgotten to mention something rather important. Saturdays are always considered a dress down day so as you can imagine being in a shirt and tie I looked somewhat overdressed compared to everybody else on the floor.

Still the Saturday shift wasn't as bad as I was expecting, it wasn't quiet but it wasn't manic either, it was nicely busy, so you weren't busy all of the time but it wasn't quiet enough that you got bored between calls.

The other good news was that as my line manager was running the shift he took the opportunity to have our monthly catch up. I am progressing nicely in all areas and I'm surpassing my promotion targets which is good. The challenge now is to lift things to the next level as it were and start hitting the targets for 'regular' full timers.

Which is harder then you'd think as the job is surprisingly complicated and needs a lot of skill.

It's a bit strange only have one day 'break' before I'm back to work but at least I'm on earlys next week which means that I should be home well before 5pm.


Later folks.


Rick Rubin said...

What is it your company actually does?

Saxon said...

it's a transport and delivery company