Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Funny where the mind takes you

Whilst I was in town today a sudden thought struck me. In one of those weird coincidences that lift throws at you sometimes I will be working this Saturday( for the first time in my new job) but if I was still at my old job I would have still been working this Saturday as well as their holding a big event this weekend.

I did try to pre order the latest books from my old place through Waterstones today. I did consider still buying them from the GW Store but with the people I used to know no longer working there I don't feel any sense of loyalty I suppose to buy them full price from there where if I buy them full price from waterstones I at least get reward points.

However there was a brief flaw in this plan as I seemed to have been cursed with the only Waterstones store in the country that will not release a book or take a pre order ahead of schedule. The girl behind the counter told me that the next books would be released on the 4th March and I could not order it before then and it would not be in the shop before the 4th March. So I can either buy it from the GW Store or I have to wait a couple of weeks before I can buy it using points.

Or I could buy it cheaper via amazon but have to wait for it to turn up who knows when! Decisions, decisions.

Asides from that frustration it's been a pretty quiet day. I've invested in another book by Alison Weir who is rapidly turning into my favourite historian. If you ever wanted to know anything about the tudors I've advise you give her books a go, their fantastic.

I heard from Engineseer today, he's recieved his mission call and will be going at the end of May. He's not going to the most exotic of locations but it could have been worse. They could have sent him straight back here which would have been oh so weird. Good Morning Engineseer, errhh I mean Elder Engineseer...

It's back to work tomorrow, two more full days then one half day before my next day off. I will be on Earlys for the first time next week. Yes it means that I will have to get up really, really early to be able to get there in time to catch the first bus of the day but at least being on earlys means I could be back home by 4.30! Which is none too shabby.


Later folks.

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