Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The universe continues to mock me

Unlike my last job where the traffic was fairly constant asides from the occasional accident the route to my current job is rather different. Sometimes it's relatively easy to get out of geektown and other times it can be less so.

I also discovered that trying to best my travel time estimates on previous experience doesn't work well either. I was on the 10 to 6 shift today and I knew from the last time I was on this shift that I needed to leave plenty of time as the traffic is very heavy at that time of the morning.

However the traffic wasn't heavy this morning. Far from it as a matter of fact, it was light, very light. In fact so light I got to work nearly an hour before I actually started. D'OOOHHHH!!!!!

Still better to be early then late I suppose. It could have been worse, people coming from the other direction were having great difficulties as the motorway was shut on both sides between two sets of junctions.

I got to leave early as they needed me to start early as it was very busy when I went into the office ( after spending sometime reading in the canteen). Of course as they only had me start five minutes early, I could only leave five minutes early and as the bus didn't arrive till five past six it wasn't a whole lotta help. Still if I had been on the phones till six I'm sure the universe would have organised for me to get a difficult call at 5:59 and 59 seconds.

Work is going well right now. It's still a challenge don't get me wrong there, but I think that's good as it's keeping me on my toes as it were and encouraging me to keep pushing myself. I was surprised to find myself helping one of the new trainees today as it made me realise that " I do know what I'm doing".


Later folks

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