Friday, February 12, 2010

Rabbits in the headlights

It was interesting this afternoon as a fresh batch of trainees faced their first afternoon on the phones.They were placed on the desks next to us and although we were quite busy most full timers were keeping a watchful eye in their direction in case their mentors were called away for what reason and they got really stuck. The one thing I noticed was how terrified they all looked.

Later on when the newbies had left for the day and there was a brief lull I turned to one of the two other 'surviours' from my training cohort and asked him if he had noticed how scared they'd looked and he nodded. I paused before asking " We looked that terrified as well didn't we" He simply laughed, nodded and agreed with the confidence of a veteran staff member that we both feel but probably shouldn't after three months.

But then again three months is still a long time and we have learnt rather a lot once you think about it.

It was also a bit strange today knowing it was a Friday and having that good ole Friday feeling, but it not being the end of the week as I still have to work tomorrow. Well it could be worse I suppose I could have to work all of tomorrow and Sunday as well.

We now have our new cooker fitted which is good as micowave meals really aren't as tasty as 'proper' cooked food. This is just the midway point of the work though, we still have the other half of the loft to finish, then the bathroom is going to be revamped and after that I am considering investing in a bit of furniture and redoing my room, because I could be making soooo much better use of the space in there then I am.


Later folks

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