Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here we go again

Due to Tap dance still being away with Grumpys car it was time for another round of musical cars this morning as Grumpy had to run me into work so he could borow the car so he could go out and get some things done before coming to pick me up this afternoon.

Of course having a special tendancy to get in ironys crosshairs a heck of a lot nothing went to plan. The usual massive traffic jams in the morning failed to materalise so I got to work stupidly early and I got a call this evening at bang on my quitting time a mili second before I could log off meaning I was late out.

It was also another busy day at work with the usual mix of the weird, wonderful and downright bizare, including having to explain why a bunch of car keys couldn't be considered documents and why we can't just send something to a whole country without knowing the city it's going to.

They also showed the first part of the trilogy of CSI episodes where a character from CSI las vegas first goes to miami, then new york then back to Las Vegas. However the slight flaw with this " Television event of the year" as they've advertised it, is that although CSI and CSI New york are in the current series, CSI miami isn''t. In fact we're a series behind, so not only have they blown the cliffhanger for most viewers we also had a lot of new characters who we had no clue as to who they were!


Later folks.

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