Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh how I wish I could answer that

Anyone who has ever worked in customer service in some form or another will know that at somepoint you will get a statement or question for a customer usually a very nasty/obnoxious one which you could answer honestly. Well I got one of those today
" Just how thick do you think I am?"

I just ignored him and kept going whilst wishing he would cross that line which would give me the excuse to cut him off. He didn't though, staying just the right side ( if barely) of the line. This call prompted a lot of amusement from the rest of the team with lots of suggestions as to how they would have responded if they could have done.

Speaking of my team as it were, I'm starting to feel like I'm getting to know them all better which has been difficult as my new team is almost three times the size of the team at my last place. The main thing I've noticed are the different ways people have for dealing with stress. A couple of the guys are so laid back about things they could be walking horizontal, one of the girls plays with a pen, another drumbs her fingers on the desk and a third tends to start playing with her hair. Myself and the other trainees have started to feel more at home in the team as we've started to be gradually drawn into the banter which goes on between the veterans.

Banter which is usually started by BeeBee. The best staff member on the team and a young lady with a especially wicked sense of humour. When I listened in on her calls to get some tips the other day she welcomed me with the greeting of " Now I get to teach you my dark and wicked ways" . Last night she was having a back and forth with one of the other guys before suddenly saying that she was sure if the other guy didn't want a affair with her I would. I looked up to see most of the team staring at me.
" Well?" she asked a smile on her face " Would you?" my quick witted reply was along the lines of " ehhhh? say What now ?" her reply was much more quick " Why is there something wrong with me? Is there something wrong with what you see?" at this point there was much sniggering from the rest of the time. " there's no right answer I can give at this point you know" I told her. " Yeap" she responded with a smile " Still want one though" I responded with the only thing I could think of at this point " Not tonight dear I have a headache."

Finally when I came back from lunch today I discovered my computer turned off. Somebody explained that everyone had needed to exit a program and as I had locked my computer all they could do was turn it off. Our senior agent for the team walked past and she told me that she's had to push my button to solver the problem. I looked over to BeeBee who was smiling and said" Push your button did she? Bet you weren't expecting that?" I responded " No, especially as I wasn't present for the event" " Sounds a lot like marriage" one of the other girls suddenly added.

I sat down and was waiting for my computer to turn back on before suddenly being struck by a fit of the giggles. One of the girls what was so funny and I explained that if people at church ask how work was they might be a bit taken back if I tell them that a girl offered to teach me her dark and wicked ways and offered to have a affair before another girl pushed my button.

Quotes of the day;
" It's small and light"
" It's twice the size of a ipod"


Later folks.

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