Friday, February 19, 2010

Not a moment too soon

It's the weekend! And to that I can only say Thank goodness. I found today a real struggle which started as all work days do with the struggle to drag myself out of bed.

Although there was some heavy snow to start with it cleared up pretty quickly proving once again that the weather deadzone that likes to hang around geektown is still as strong as ever.

Despite the struggle to make it through the day especially as we reached mid afternoon my spirits were considerably lifted by my first six month review/assessment. Now for all you regular readers are probably wondering how the heck I could have a six month review when I've only been there four months, and in department for just over three. Well your right, I didn't but I did. Basically it was one of those occurances where I had to have one as everyone had one even though they only had two months worth of data to base a six month review on.

Confused yet? Try sitting through it a explanation of it .

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes spirit lifting and I don't mean a postman collecting beer.

I'm doing really well, very well, much better then I thought I was to be honest. I've only got one area where I do need a lot of improvement and I'm working on that. Among the high points I was complimented on was my brilliant phone manner, my amazing level of attention to detail, and my ability to stay calm in the face of angry customers. I was also complimented that my confidence seems to be growing in great strides which made me realise it had. I've built my confidence in myself back up to where it was before the events of last September and I think I've even surpassed that. This job has taken me out of my comfort zone and I seem to have risen to the challenge very well indeed.

All in all the assessment was a nice way to round the week off.


Later folks.

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