Thursday, February 18, 2010

Getting more then you bargained for

Well it's snowing. Again. If it was the weekend I would probably be quite happy but as it's not, I'm not. I have still got one day of work before I get to the weekend. I think the week of early starts is starting to tell, that and the fact that I only had one day break between the end of last weeks shifts and this weeks as I had real trouble getting out of bed this morning.

A rather large fit of the giggles hit our bank of desks at work today as one of the girls managed to get her words mixed up in a rather amusing way. Instead of saying to a customer " I can give you my extension if you want to speak to me again" what she actually said was " I can give you my dimensions if you want to speak to me again" There was a brief pause before the penny dropped as to what she had actually said and she quickly corrected herself, but it was too late at that point as everyone who heard her say it collapsed into hysterics.

It started snowing just as I left work and of course irony being what it is, I missed the bus due to a late call and I had to wait out in the cold for ten minutes for it to come back. Fortunatly I was able to get home quickly even if the snow was so heavy it was difficult to see very far. I just hope that they've put down enough grit or it will be a interesting challenge getting to work tomorrow.

Grumpy and I were left some dumbfounded over the latest " Public information film" that was put onto the tv this evening. It was a animated cartoon which ran for nearly five minutes during a ad break. It went on for so long they had to keep flashing up a caption to say it was a public information film. It was the story of two aliens on the moon who found a strange object. As the cartoon kept going we were wondering what it was about. What important message were these two aliens trying to impart. Why don't play with lighters and a warning to adults to not let kids play with lighters either.

Quite why that needed to be five minutes long I have no idea and I dread to think how much money they spent on that insanity.

Oh well, only one more day of work. Roll on the weekend!

Later folks

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