Monday, February 08, 2010

For those of you living under a rock

Facebook has changed it's layout, again. And I'm sure that pretty soon we will see the start of umpteen groups complaining about the change. Again.

If there's one always consistant fact about facebook it's that there will always be a group formed to protest againist any change whatsoever. Well there's that and the groups which form once the latest rumour about being charged to use facebook appears. You know the usual, " we'll have to pay yearly, we're going to be charged monthly, we're going to be charged weekly, facebook will steal our souls etc, etc, etc."

Work was good, if a little manic at first while I tried to once again find my rhythm as it were. I was just ever so slightly punchy on the keyboard for the first hour or so.

I also had a call that I found very hard to focus on as the girl I was speaking to ( who had a very nice voice anyway) had that song featuring Katy Perry with the wolf whistles in on in the background. It's hard to be serious and focus when all you can hear in the background is Wolf whistles, every few seconds.

It's a bit of a odd week because as I'm working Saturday morning, I'm working tomorrow, then have Wednesday off, then work for the rest of the week before having Sunday off. I'm glad I don't have to do this more then once every month and a half.

In the news today it was announced that apparently having just two sugary drinks raises your chances of getting pancratic cancer by something like 87%. Which means there's another thing you can't do.

So what else can't we do? Well lets see going off all the adverts on TV these days you can't drink, you can't smoke, you can't eat food with out having to read all the gory details of the contents on the front of the box not that we need them of course as we all know that anything that tastes that nice isn't good for us. We would go out to do some other wholesome activity but we're supposed to be reducing our driving by five miles a week otherwise the planet is doomed, doomed, doomed if we don't act now. Of course this reduction in driving is only possible assuming we don't die first by not wearing a seat belt or running a red light. We would watch the TV at home but that raises our carbon footprint and we don't want to spend too long at home because we might die in a fire if we don't check our fire alarm every day or plan a escape route to get out of the house.

I'm sure we would all go and live in caves if we could but I'm sure that would violate some form of health and safety and we'd all get arrested.


Later Folks.

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