Sunday, February 21, 2010

It'll be allwhite on the night

Apologies for the lack of bloggage yesterday folks. I got so engrossed with what was on TV by the time I realised I hadn't done a post yesterday it was too late as it was time for bed. So all I can really say to that is Oops.

When I woke up this morning I noticed it was really quite light. Surprisingly so and it too my still none too awake brain a few moments to notice something out. The light coming through the windows wasn't only light it was also quite white as well.

Yeap it had snowed overnight. A lot! Which delighted owen as he really enjoys going for a walk in the snow and I'm sure he's managed to go for a walk more times in the snow in his short life then our last dog did in the entirety of his.

Of course Owen might have been delighted with the snow. I was not as snow usually means ice and as long term readers know there's nothing else which scares me when driving quite like icey conditions. To be perfectly honest I did almost turn round and come back within mere minutes of leaving the house as I found myself slipping and slidding whilst trying to climb a hill. However I perserved and my ever faithful, (if a little battered after several years of use) didn't let me down.

I was surprised on reaching the main road to discover that the roads hadn't been gritted at all!! The road between geektown and Loughborough was thick with snow which didn't help my tension levels at all. Fortunatly although there was snow, there wasn't any ice.

However I was even more surprised to discover at the end of church that the snow had disappeared almost as quickly as it had appeared, melting in the rather bright sunshine leaving only a few piles here and there.

Very strange weather indeed.


Later folks.

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