Saturday, February 27, 2010

Performance guessing

I was a bit surprised to read in the newspaper today that Weatherman get rather large performance related bonuses. Now I'm sure weatherman work very hard but it is the last job you would expect to get bonuses because once you get rid of all of the technical terms isn't what their doing essentially guessing?
" I said it would rain on Thursday and it did. Cheque please!"

Still this wasn't the weirdest news of the day. Far from it, obivously taking a play from Sky news when during his trial they used lookalikes to recreate the courtoom a show in the USA used a lookalike to stage a recreation of the Death of Michael Jackson, from when he was first found unconcious all the way to showing the lookalike being prepared for autosopy and then slid into a morgue drawer!

In another somewhat weird news story a man who won 10,000 euros on a scratchcard on a flight reacted rather badly to the news that he would have to wait to get his money, by eating the card! Which probably means that firstly patience was not one of the virtues of this particular passenger and secondly he's eaten the most expensive snack he'll ever eat as of course, no winning card no cash.

Our loft has now been finished, and all of the boards have been laid which means we can now put a lot of stuff up there and confuse Owen at the same time as he still hasn't been able to figure out what's going on when people disappear through the hatch in the ceiling.


Later folks.

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