Sunday, February 07, 2010

Irony, Irony wherefore art thou Irony.... oh wait there you are

As long term readers will know I am the Institute class president of our Stake. Or at least I was.

Today, they released me as the class president, something I have known was coming for several weeks now. Not for someone else to take my place but rather as they are doing a massive shakeup of the way the YSA program is running in our stake, the YSA program and institute will now be run under a single YSA Presidency with one President and three counselors. Which means that the role of Institute class president is essentially redundent.

Before anyone says it I am more then aware of the massive irony that after having a job that was made redundent one of my callings has been made redundent as well.

So that's down to one calling and being able to sit back and relax and watch other people try to organise YSA related activities? right?

Not quite.

It seems that I'm still needed as I've been called as the 1st Counselor on the new YSA stake presidency. Quite how the new presidency will work and who will be responsible for what will be as much a learning exercise for us as well as everyone else.

Should be fun though.

Later folks.

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