Sunday, February 14, 2010

Scuttle, Scuttle

We had to play musical chairs with my car this morning because as Tap Dance has borrowed Grumpys car he needed to borrow mine so he could get to his bowls morning but of course as I needed the car to get to church I had to drive to the chapel and he then too kthe car to get to bowls before coming back to pick me up.

Physics had one of his random thoughts this morning when he leant over to me and said " Do you think that anyone would try to claim political asylum in heaven by using the human rights act?" when I asked him what he meant he explained " Well they could say that if they were sent to hell they would be burned or tortured with pitchfolks and that would violate their human rights".

I decided not to ask him how he had got onto that train of thought. Somethings are best left unanswered.

The primary were singing a musical item and both Physics and I were amused to see midway through the song a guilty looking little head poke around the chapel door. This was followed unsurprisingly by the rest of a little lads body who proceeded to scuttle through the chapel bent over as low as he could before throwing himself down in a gap between the pews in a obivous attempt to avoid the gaze of his primary teacher.

At the start of Sunday school physics was telling us about he had been speaking to a girl he knew online who asked him when he was getting married. He responded asking her when she was going to get married. Her response was to say that he should ask her boyfriend that question. When we asked what his response was to that he simply smiled and stated in his matter of fact way that he told her that her boyfriend wasn't his type.

In Priesthood the ward music director came in to help us practise for a musical items the priesthood is supposed to be giving in a couple of weeks. She spilt the group into tennors, bass and all those who don't have a clue about sining who would be singing the tune. She seemed to be getting quite frustrated that the 'tune' group was far from in tune. She asked if we all knew if we were singing in tune or if we were singing one or two octaves below where we should be. I did want to point out that if we knew exactly what octave each of us sung in we wouldn't be in the middle group.

Well it's my first early shift tomorrow which should be interesting.

I hope.

Later folks!

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