Saturday, February 06, 2010

Well at Least it makes my room look tidy

I'll make no bones about it, the house is a little tiny bit of a mess right now.

Of course it everything had gone to plan we would have had a brand new cooker installed in the kitchen and loft fully fitted with boards allowing us to fit a lot more stuff up there allowing us to start working on the rest of the house slowly but surely doing some much needed work.

But you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men.

We hit a small but significant problem with the new cooker.

It didn't fit.

This prompted a awful lot of running around in order to get a new new cooker, which isn't going to be delivered until next week, but the old cooker has already been dumped. So we now have no cooker for a few days. Due to all this running around there wasn't time for the loft to be finished either, so we now have a lot of stuff down from the loft which as of yet can't go back up there.

I can see a lot of microwave meals or jacket potatos in mine and Grumpys future for the next few days.

Still looking through the loft bough a few surprises as it's surprising what you can store away and forget about it. Not only did I find two paint by numbers oil painting sets, I also found a cross stich for beginners, a set of china, a set of records that's right records not CD's or Cassettes, Records which I'm fairly sure belong to Grumpy. I could be wrong but I'm fairly certain neither of my sisters or Tap Dance listened to Roger whitaker. But that's not all, there were several bags of cassette tapes, two flower pressing alblums plus a box containing Grumpys pipes.

But you never said Grumpy smoked! I hear you all cry, well maybe one or two of you well he doesn't, at least not anymore. He stopped smoking them back in 1990 which goes to show how long they've been stuck in a box in our loft here and at out last house. Quite why they were still up there is a reason which seems to have been lost to the mists of time as well as the reason why we had six rolls of wallpaper, some floor lining, a tennis racket and a printer so old it should be considered an antique.

Owen has been watching the comings and goings of the day with a extreme sense of bafflement as he's tried to wonder what exactly we've been doing. He's really not happy when new people first arrive at the house ( which goes to show how often we have visitors round) but he usually calms down after a while. Especially once we've given them drinks, I have no idea why but if we give them a drink he seems to accept them.

Just another one of his funny little quirks I guess.


Later folks.


drat said...

one word:


pipe collection going cheap!

Saxon said...

It could work I suppose. It's no less crazy then most of the stuff on there.