Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Did not see that coming

I've slowly been getting used to the crazy weather that we've been subjected to over the past couple of weeks as we move into spring. What I was not expecting however was extremely thick fog this morning. Which as I was taking Grumpys car to work did cause me some concern as I wasn't sure where the fog lights were. I tried looking for the manual in the glovebox first only to have it fly over and a whole load of papers drop onto the floor. How he fitted that all in there I'll never know. But I did finally find the manual and after a quick check to find the fog lights I set off.

Of course one problem I only noticed after I had left the house was the lack of something important. Namely fuel as the fuel dial starting giving warnings. Hmmm, I'm sure he didn't plan that at all. Anyway I managed to get to my usual petrol station and put some petrol in. I didn't fill his tank right up of course as it is twice the size of mine. When I went in the petrol station to pay the women behind the counter asked me if I wanted the car wash. Now I was obivousily on my way to work and the fog was so thick we couldn't see the road, and this women was asking me if I wanted a car wash? What's going on with the staff at that place? Are they on comission to sell car washes or something?

We had to open the windows yet again at work thanks to the workmen using some solvent or something again... and Grumpys surprised I'm having a problem shaking this darn cold I've got for some reason.

There was a big cake sale on today and I mean huge! A team from work is trying to do the five peak challenge, well either that or the three peak challenge I can't remember. Which ever one it is, it involves climbing some very tall mountains and they have to raise a certain amount of money to take part. So they decided to do a cake sale with cakes 50 pence each! I did get a couple of cakes which was naughty but it was for charity ( That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

There was a huge accident later afternoon which happened in just the wrong place as per usual and casued the main roads out ofour end of Nottingham to become grid locked. It was so bad I couldn't go the usual way into Leicester to get to Institute as I couldn't get onto that road due to traffic. So I had to come all the way back to geekville then go into Leicester that way! It turned into a much more epic journey then usual.

The institute lesson was interesting if a little deep and philosopical for a first lesson. We're now onto the second half of the Doctrines of the Gospel course. If all of the lessons are like this first one is going to be heavy going.

anyway, that's all for today folks,

tune in tomorrow, same geek life, same geek channel


Rhonda said...

I am awful when it comes to cakes. That is my favorite thing to eat. Oh my goodness...

You and all your friends need to make a trip to Connecticut and visit.

I mean that.

We are a ways from NYC, but about an hour drive. You would have so much fun.

We have room! Well, more so when Miss Rachel is married. Haha.

Saxon said...

you would have loved it at our place yesterday. There were Eight tables full of cakes to choose from!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Hey, who can resist charity.

Saxon said...

true, especially when it has choclate....and icing....and cookies......and jam.....