Sunday, April 27, 2008

Here comes the rain again

I'm looking out of the office window and it is raining. Again. Not just a little rain, oh no, tons of the stuff, really pouring down. It's enough to make you wonder if summer is here already. :-)

The rain was a shame as the day started off quite nice as well. I was actually able to put some washing out and it got dry! A sure sign spring is here.

I got to church to discover I had forgotten that it was going to be a 'normal' day ( or at least as normal as it ever gets in Loughborough). As we were having a shortened Sacrement meeting, then watching the last sesson of conference. Which also meant church ended half an hour earlier too. Black Widow also let me know he has finished that blog post he was working on. So You'll probably see it fairly soon.

There was also a good sign with the new Elders Quorum President as he came over to talk to me and got my name right. No, that wasn't the good sign, the good sign was that he's organising PPI's( personal priesthood interview for all my non LDS readers) with all members of the quorum, as he wants to get to know everybody. Of course when he first came over and asked me to choose a time for one it took me a little while to remember what a PPI was. Which goes to show you how long it's been since I had one. So he's showing the signs of being a very good leader, hopefully he can revive/ get a collective quorum spirit going.

I got home literally 10 seconds after Grumpy did, which meant that we had our roast dinner for Tea instead! Of course the other problem we discovered was we had run out of gravy powder which lead to argument over who had forgot to get some more/ remind the other to get some more. So we had to have the dinner with Ketchup instead which was interesting.

Well it's Monday tomorrow. My favourite day of the week . ( not). oh well at least I get paid this week and I have booked some holiday off now as I need it. Of course as the others are off in May the earlist I could get a whole week off in one go was June. So a little while to wait, but I'm sure I can make it.


later folks,

tune in tomorrow, same geek life, same geek station.


Alice Wills Gold said...

Wow...they call of sac mtg early for a General Conf viewing...never heard of doing the idea.

Tea? "we had it for tea instead" what the heck does that mean...I feel and English Ed and Et coming on...I took some pics for a new post a while back, I just haven't had any material...what can you give me about tea?

Saxon said...

Well it's down to the time difference. The last sesson of conference would be shown so late over here few people would be able to see it 'live'. So by showing it this way people still get to see it.

Tea is a name some people call the evening meal and they call the middle meal of the day dinner. However some people call the evening meal Dinner instead and the middle meal of the day lunch. And some other people call the evening meal dinner during the week and Tea at weekends. It's a bit confusing isn't it?