Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stupid roadworks

They've just put a new sign up at those annoying roadworks I have to contend with every morning on the way to work. They now say the work is going on until the 8th May. Which means their running a few month behind. Which in turns means if they do finish on the 8th May it will have taken them 5 months, thats right five months! to put in some new traffic lights. No I'm no expect in road maintence or repair but even being extremely generous I can not for the life of me work out how not only were they not able to do this in four months, it's going to take them five. At least thats assuming they end on time...

Right rant over. :-)

We had to throw all the windows open at work again today. Not because of more painting, but because they had to do something to the floor in the new area the otherside of the wall. We don't know what but it obivousily involved solvent of some kind as it smelt. A lot. Lets just hope that the new department does move in at the end of the month and our maintence guys don't suddenly decide they need another month to get the place ready.

We also got a lot of new books in today. Which is always fun. The downside is it's very tempting to start reading them, so I always have to put them in what of my desk drawers so I don't.

I saw a report on the TV and in the newspaper today about those polygamists in Texas and neither one mentioned the word 'Mormon' once. Could it be? Are the media actually get the hang of making the definition between us and them clearer?

Drat's brand new blog is up and running. If you haven't gone and visited yet, you should go and do so. It's quite interesting. The Link's on the right.

Institute starts again tomorrow and from the sounds of things we will be quite thin on the ground for the first lesson. Oh well, at least I can use grumpys car to get there.

that's all for now folks, tune in tomorrow, same geek station, same geek life.


Anonymous said...

whats the institute? can i come? i am bored and need entertainment or i will slowly turn everyone against me by aggrevating them with my silly annoyances

i was almost part of a cult once.

they were a 'jesus army' cult. very weird. they tried to stel alice and i from our homes and force us to dine with them.

they were all made up of 'brothers' all though they were clearly not related as they were all of varying sizes. :S

With Love

Not Yummy!

Saxon said...

Institute is a course run by our church and most YSA attend it. However most investigators to the church will not attend as it contains some pretty 'advanced' stuff which would be very confusing to them.

Oh and by the way our church is not a cult.

If your going to sign your posts as not Yummy, you might not want to refer to one of your friends who I know as well.

Anonymous said...


One of my freinds? You mean Alice?>

I dont think Alice will care that I have made reference to her in your blog.

It's not like I have made up some fictitious lie about her! Grrr (this is a horrid gr)

Rhonda said...

Haha... maybe you don't hear the word Mormon associated with the polygamy group because every time they do, my husband calls them and complains. Like BIG TIME.

I do think enough people call them on it here in the states that maybe they are "getting it."

Saxon said...

Yummy that was not my point and you know it. I wasn't saying that you shouldn't have mentioned Alice by name. I meant that if you were going to sign your comments as 'not yummy' in what seemes like an attempt to make me believe your somebody else you shouldn't mention one of your friends that I know by name, as I'm going to know the comment is from you.

drat said...


Could on 5 news at 5pm TODAY or 7pm today, instead! sorry bout the confusion

Saxon said...

I'm out tonight and wouldn't be able to see it.


Anonymous said...

I was playing S A X O N!!!!!!!!!

Obviously it was me! :)

Saxon said...

fine, whatever.