Monday, April 28, 2008

Not a great way to make a first impression

Well after several weeks of enduring reorganisation, banging, crashing, paint and solvent fumes our new 'neighbours' are finally starting to move in. Not that their first day couldn't have gone better. Firstly whilst moving stuff in they kept leaving the door open and as they are secure doors needing passes to get through if their left open too long a buzzer sounds. Well I say buzzing it's more like a high pitched squealing that seems to drill right it's way through your head. Secondly whilst moving one of the cupboards through our office to their one of their staff loudly announced;
" It's quiet inhere init? Not like us, We're real noisey and will be disturbing this lot all the time no doubt."

0 out of 10 points for creating a good first impression there mate. We wait with baited breath to see what it will be like when your all moved in.

The weather was also in a odd mood with several short showers and one very half hearted attempt at a thunderstorm. One clap of thunder and one flash of Lightning only. Lets hope the weather improves when summer gets here.

Asides from that it was a usual Monday. Not very interesting I know.

Sorry about that....

later folks!

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