Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Feeling sleepy

It's been one heck of a hard day today. Which was probably in part caused by me not getting to bed until 1am and then getting woken up sometime around six am(ish) when the boiler came on, then failing to get back to sleep.

Strangly enough Grumpys plane wasn't delayed in Landing. It was getting from the plane to the arrival gate that took him the best past of an hour. Although it was quite amusing when the arrivals board at 22.54 showed that his plan had landed at 22.57??? When it got to 22.57 the board then showed that he had landed at 22.54?? Oh well I guess we'll just have to hpe their able to keep other parts of the airport running a lot more smoothly then this.

As you can imagine with only about 5 hours sleep I was extremely zombieish by the time I got to work, which meant I only had one real option to get me through the day. Yes I went to the Dark side as it were and got a drink with caffine and sugar. Which helped for a little while until it wore off, then I had to go and get another one. I'm sure going to pay for that in the next few days when the inevitable caffine headaches kick in.

C'est la vie I guess.

It was also a generally weird day with two of the strangest customer queries I've had in a long while and trying to get out latest set of samples from the warehouse. Which wasn't successful, so that's another job for tomorrow.

I got to institute this evening to discover they've cleaned the carpets in the stake centre. Again! I've never seen any building which gets it's carpet cleaned on such a regular basis. The problem was the workmen had cleaned the carpets this morning, cranked all the radiators up to maximum then shut the building and left. So after eight hours the smell was... Well quite frankly it was something else, and the heat didn't help either. I was throughly glad when the lesson ended.

That's all for today folks, I'm off to bed to catch up on some sleep.



Alice Wills Gold said...

I hope it was a Dr Pepper...those are my favorites.

I wonder if the church is spending too much time on your building and taking it away from ours....our building is in sorry shape! The poor nursery kids and workers have to put up with that "Mold" smell ALL of the time.

Saxon said...

no, no Dr pepper.

It could well be Alice. It might explain why the carpets are cleaned on such a regular basis.