Sunday, April 20, 2008

Apolgies from the management

The management would like to apologise as there will be no proper blog post today as Saxon has spent most of the day in bed as he feel's very 'bleugh' whatever that means. Please tune in tomorrow when we hope he will be better and normal service can resume.


Anonymous said...

I thought you managed your own blog SAXON dude!

Don't tell me you have out sourced your little project...I would be very disappointed.

I am still bored. :)

I understand lettuce is good for illness! :) Lettuce is good for lots of things. It is nice to eat as well.

What is your favourite lettuce Chris?

Anonymous said...

*What is your favourite lettuce SAXON?

Eeeeek, sorry :S

Rhonda said...

My grandmother used to say "hang tough" when I was not feeling well. My parents would take the day off from work and dote on my all day long... Peter's parents used to put him in the room furtherest from anyone alive and leave him alone until he was no longer contagious.

Somehow we managed to work out a system of caring for our own 5 kids.

So, hang tough and hopefully someone is there to take care of you... at least a little until you feel much better. :(

Scully said...

Hope you feel better soon! Also hope it isn't the flu or anything flu-adjacent.

Saxon said...

It was just me Rhonda as Grumpys away in Prague right now.

I am feeling better thank you, I took some lemsips and felt much better this morning.

Saxon said...

It was meant as a Joke J.C. I do manage my own blog, but it seemed a bit stupid for me to write a post saying I felt too under the weather to write a post.

No I have not outsourced my little project as you call it. I'm sure your well aware of that fact and just said that in an attempt to annoy me.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Ah man, you should have gotten sick before you cleaned your room, then you could have put it off a bit longer.

Anonymous said...

u shouldnt think so negativeky of me

everythink i say should be takn in a light and fun way. with a pins of pepper (im against salt)

til boreddddddddddddddddddd

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Saxon said...

I've been putting the cleaning off for long enough Alice it couldn't really wait any longer.

Saxon said...

the trouble is JC is what you say does not come off in a light and fun way. It can sound negative, mean and nasty, and like you are trying to see how far you can push me until my patience snaps!

Anonymous said...

Dear Saxon

I am sorry that you feel this way about the way I communicate with you on your blog.

I understand that there is often a big barrier in terms of what some ones taps down and what that person means in real life and how they would say it.

Therefore, as a compromise, I will try my best to read over my comments and tweak them as best as possible to allow them to come across to others in the best possible light.

However, at the same time, I would ask that you do not assume the worse, and if you are unsure what I mean by something I tap, instead of acting negativeily towards it, you ask me to kindly elaborate further.

I think if you reflect on this compromise you would agree that it will make this world a happier place.

Sometimes, what you think is the case isnt always so. You should never be to quick to judge something unless you know the facts or ask for further explanation.

I think you need to be more positive about people SAXON! They might surprise you and end up being far nicer than you ever could have imagined!


J C Van-A