Saturday, April 19, 2008

Once more unto the tip dear friends. Once more

I just noticed when I logged in that I've now crossed the four hundred post mark for my blog. Which is nice. Not only that however I also hit another milestone. If you notice the counter at the bottom of the page you'll notice it has finally crossed over to 10000 as well. I guess I'll do something a bit different when I hit post 500. Any suggestions anyone? I might see if I could get some guest bloggers again like I did when I hit 200 posts. Who knows, Black Widow might even have finished the post he was meant to be doing for me then by now :-)

I've spent most of today cleaning my room out. Again. I'm always amazed at how much stuff I have crammed in there. I'm sure I never take that much in there so where's it all coming from? I've been trying to be very tough with myself and get rid of anything I don't really need or use anymore which is hard as I am a terrible horder. I've also be having to resist the temptation to stop and look at things I find, otherwise I'll never get the job finished.

Doctor Who was okay tonight. Not great though. It was just so, so. Not a episode I would want to go back and watch again.

anyway, that's all for today.

see you tomorrow folks.


Blackwidow said...

its a work in progresssss ;)

Saxon said...

yeah, an extremely long work in progress!