Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Friend Roll call

As some people have told me they are getting a bit confused about the number of codenames I use in my blog. I thought I would have a quick roll call as it were of everyone from my Friends list and hopefilly make things a little clearer.

Banana – Used to attend institute in Leicester but not anymore. An extremely wise young lady, with a great sense of humour. Is also a teacher.

Bosslady- Our ex ward YSA rep. She joined the seeming never ending stream of female YSA who are currently heading over to the USA. She always seemed to be full of energy no matter the time of day and night. She’s much missed by the Loughborough YSA.

Cordelia: Our Female ward YSA Rep. She has a new job and spends a lot of time down the other end of the stake with her boyfriend. An brilliant singer and friend.

Drat - a friend from college. Due to various circumstances (in part over a girl, I’ve mentioned the story previously) we fell out of touch. However that we then, it’s in the past , and this is now. Go and visit his new blog and leave comments!

Engineseer - He’s the ward male YSA rep and a fellow inhabitant of geek town. In his final year of uni, he is one of the few people who has legitimate claim to also be an uber geek. One of my closest friends.

Fraggle – he rocks… ( sorry, sorry last joke I promise). Another YSA he used to attend Loughborough uni what seems like a long time ago. Very knowledgeable, seems to know 90% of the female YSA in the UK and a good singer.

Nemesis – Yet another YSA who attended Loughborough uni to do her masters. If you haven’t read her blog go and do so right now as it’s very good. A kind, wonderful person, we do still miss her ( it sucks be in a ward with a uni sometimes) and it seems like only yesterday she left. Working as a Liberian somewhere in the USA, it’s highly likely she spends a lot of her time still working on that plan for world domination. Whilst the rest of us spend time trying to figure out why the USA male YSA aren’t fighting each other to the death over her.

Non-Splitter – Another friend from church. She bucked the trend by not going to the USA after marrying an American. He came here! A lovely kind person, whose a great singer, has a wonderful smile and will take the time to say hello to you and listen to your answers.

Physics- Another YSA who is a fresh addition to the Loughborough ward. We’re still getting to know him but what we do know is that he’s studying physics and he has the ability to really wind our Sunday school teacher up.

Smooth – Another YSA from Loughborough who went to Utah to study after completing his mission. His engagement was announced with a great sense of Anti-climax. It took him twice as long to get engaged as everyone was expecting.

Social – A YSA who’ve I’ve know since childhood. She is easy to underestimate, but she is a very kind and intelligent person. She hasn’t been out to any activities in a while and I miss being able to talk to her greatly.

Technik and Medik – Technik is a brother of Photoshop and Mechanicus. Since taking ceroc his dancing has greatly improved. He met his wife, Medik at Leicester institiute.

Traveller – Yet another YSA Traveller is once of these people who always seems to be happy and find the best in any situation. She’s travelled to Thailand and is currently studying to be a teacher. One of my closest friends.

Yummy- a friend I knew from when I was studying my GCSE’s and a-levels.

Black Widow – The brother of Engineseer. He also lives in Geekville.

The other one – Brother to Engineseer and Black widow. He’s currently studying at uni.


Rhonda said...

Good! I needed that!

drat said...

there are a few names that are missing but good effort. there was one a while ago, cat or something?

Saxon said...

glad you found it useful rhonda

Saxon said...

no that's everybody whose currently on the whose who friends list on the right.

Ah, you'll be thinking of Kitty, someone I knew at uni but haven't spoken to a little while.

Anonymous said...

Was Kitty the one you had 'a moment with' SAXON? :D

Saxon said...


she was just a friend

Anonymous said...

Are you sure?

Saxon said...


Anonymous said...

Do you never have doubts SAXON? You just always seem so sure of things.

My face is stinging! I put this apple peel on it (make myself look all pretty for the weekend! haha) that I bought from America, and thought I would use all that was left off, but I think by doing that it makes it more potent, and thus is now stinging my face! And feels itchy. Do you use any face products SAXON? Dude?

Alice Wills Gold said...

I should print it out for future ref.

Do you know this anonymous person?

Anonymous said...


He tried to kill me many times at shcool by throwing a chair at me. However I have forgiven him for trying to steal my life a number of times.

Saxon said...

J.c please remember that a lot of readers do not know you, or your sense of humour so if you state

He tried to kill me many times at shcool by throwing a chair at me. However I have forgiven him for trying to steal my life a number of times.

they are going to think your serious. Yes I did throw a chair at you once, a long time ago and you had been winding me up for a long time before that happened. Of course you do seem to forget to mention that fact quite a lot. and I have apologised for the incident so I have no idea why you keep bringing it up.

Yes I do have doubts, but I have no idea what your getting at or how that relates to when I stated Kitty was a friend and thats all. I'm going to be sure if someone was a friend or not.

and I'm ignoring that stupid questions about face products. I don't know why you bothered to ask that.

Anonymous said...

Loads of people use face products.

It is a quiet serious questions. I even asked...erm...Adam...anmd he said he had a number of toiletry items. ADmittedly he did not specify which, but I beleive it is extremely important to protect your delicate skin from the sun and futhermore take adequate care of your skin.

Your skin is an organ. The largest organ in fact. So treat it well. You would get wasted every evening as it would destroy your kidney, well forcing your face in direct sunlight everyday is the same thing.

Thats why I asked. As I am genuinely interested in suncare.

I dont remember being that mean to yiou. But as I was (and still am) a girl, and you were the stronger more dominant partAy, I dont think you should have abused your masculine power against me.

However, I bought it up as that Alice (not my freind) was all weird.

Gosh I am bored. BUT - good news, job interview, so, i may have a new job, and i may turn nice and non annoying soon.

Boredom makes me a bit talkative on the iNet. Hope you understand :)

Saxon said...

Sorry about misunderstanding the face question. It’s hard to tell sometimes when you’re being serious and your being silly.

I don’t see any reason why you bought up the chair incident in response to what Alice said. There was no need for it and you were obviously trying to cause trouble.

I have apologised several times now for that one incident and each time you said you accepted yet as you keep bringing it up you obviously haven’t.

Everybody does stupid things in their teenage years which they shouldn’t have and regret later. I’m not going to apologise anymore for something which happened so long ago. I don’t know why you keep bringing this up and what happened with Jinx as well for any other reason asides from trying to upset me.

You seem to believe or aim to paint yourself as an innocent party and I don’t know if you believe I did it for no reason or you just want people to believe that I did.

Yes I lost my temper after your constant wind ups and yes I shouldn’t have. As many people can attest Teenage boys do not always think straight. But don’t you dare try and use your gender as an excuse to do whatever, say whatever or be as mean as you want to males. That’s just low.

drat said...

face products and chair death... its just another day on the grumbilngs of a geek blog.

I have to say this is all getting very weird indeed.

I think they should make a movie out of this blog, or at least an 8 part TV mini-series.

Saxon said...

yes and I think we probably all know what started it.

The movie idea sounds good. Who would play me? and would it have to follow read life? I.e would I get the girl at the end (movie) or not (real life?)

any ideas anyone?