Tuesday, April 22, 2008

get rid of the evidence

I've just spent the last hour checking the house from top to bottom to see if everything is as tidy as I can make it. I'm not sure what kind of mood Grumpy is going to be in when I pick him up from the airport so I'm going to try and minimise the amount of things that could annoy him. Which included giving the kitchen a good clean, hoovering up and emptying the rubbish. Real exciting life I lead don't I? Oh well I suppose at the very least you can say I'm well trained.

We did wonder if summer had started early today. Mainly because the heating came on at work cranked up to the maximum! Remember in places like offices and chapels there always seems to be a standard rule. The heating never comes on in the depths of winter yet always comes on in summer.

As Grumpys back today was the last day I could borrow his car. I was just getting out of the car when the boss pulled up. Looking at Grumpys car which is almost new, he asked if I had bought a new car. Bought a new car? Especially one the size of a peugot 307? What does he think he's paying me? And is there anyway I can get onto that rate :-)

It was very busy at work today, unfortuantely that was because it's sample time. Which means entering the same set of numbers, whilst looking at the same set of 7 screen 120 odd times in a row. I'm not sure but I think I went onto autopilot at some point during the day. It's not the most interesting part of my job thats for sure.

Anyway, institute tomorrow. Lets hope it's a little more easy going then last weeks lessons.

See you tomorrow folks, same geek life, same geek station.

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