Thursday, April 17, 2008

Superhero summer

I saw the first trailer for the new Iron Man film on TV tonight. It's out at the start of May so not too long to go now until theres actually a film on at the cinema I want to watch!

I'm sure some of you have no idea who Iron man is. Put simply he is another Marvel Comics character ( like Spiderman, X-men and the Fantastic four.) and I'll leave it there otherwise I could go on for a while explaining his back story. However what I will say is that I only know his back story as I glanced at it once and as I have a near perfect photographic memory when it comes to geeky/useless information I still remember it. Suffice to say the film looks great, just look at the pretty picture for proof.

They've also started to release pictures from the new G.I Joe movie. Along with Transformers G.I joe was one of my great passions when I was younger. All they need to do now is to release a movie of Manta force and I'll have the full set of films based on my favourite childhood toys.

The movie isn't out for a while but they seem to be employing a clever strategy of released character images in a controlled way to help start build the excitment.

First up is Snakes Eyes. One of the good guys he's a ninja and who doesn't love a ninja?

the second photo to be released todate is of Shana 'Scarlett' O'Hara and who doesn't love a girl.........using a crossbow( What? You were expecting me to say something else? :-)

Talking of things from childhood, I have also started to use ebay, ( potentially bad idea I know) to see if I could track down some old models of warlord titans( if you know what they are I'll be very impressed, twice so if your a girl) to add to my 'epic' army. In a very poor attempt at a defence I was inspired to start looking at my epic army again by a manuscript I'm currently reading for work which is great. Although I don't think any self respecting geek would fail to be impressed by a novel which involves skyscraper sized walking humanoid shaped war machines beating the heck out of each other.

It's Travellers birthday today, so Happy Birthday! I hope you have fun. ( before anybody asks I did email her as well to wish her happy birthday, I'm not that lazy :-)

Work today was quite weird. The time actually flew by today. Although maybe that was to do with the huge amount of work I had to do in addition to my usual customer service duties. It's never quiet when I could do with it being quiet.

Oh well,

later folks. Remember a geek is for life, not just for helping with school work.

Tune in tomorrow, same geek life, same geek station.


Alice Wills Gold said...

oooo thanks...i will bring this up with my hubby and he will think I am amazing for being in the know geeky comic know...he loves this stuff.

Alice Wills Gold said...

O.k. I just read all comments..I am a little confused as if I am even being insulted...don't really care.

I really hope that you know this anonymous person, but if you don't I would start deleting his comments...seriously, I just don't get it. Why give him a soap box?

If he is your friend, you need to get new friend who don't insult your NOT cool.

Kijar said...

See Please Here

Anonymous said...

I think you are getting confused with my comments about MY freinds Alice. Her names is Alice. Chris Knows her to. Alice and I went and met Chris at his home and took him to Loughborough in my Ka.

Shortly after he then bought a Ka, to be like Alice and I. Ka's are the best you see. Except for Copens that have recently topped Ka's amazingness.

And, I am actually nice. So stop being mean.

I was only joking about your mormenship as you seem to take it so seriously when people dont understand it.

Surely it doesnt matter what others think, or what others say, as long as you beleieve in your own religion.

But admittedly I shouldnt joke about mormens not being allowed pets.

I am just a complete non beleiver of religion. So apologies. :)

Saxon said...

That's apparently a couple of characters that appear in this film will have cameos in the next marvel film Incredibile hulk. Which just by it's trailer is looking so much better then the last hulk film.

Saxon said...

ignore Kijar folks, it's yet another spambot.

Saxon said...

I do know this anonymous person Alice and it's a her not a him.

Saxon said...

J.C for the last time if your going to refer to me in a comment use my pseudonym not my real name. I know you don’t like it but it’s my choice please respect that.

I did not buy a KA just to copy you and your friend.

Alice is not being mean. You have to remember she doesn’t know you and is not aware of your sense of humour. It could appear from your comments that all you’re trying to do is be mean and annoying.

The reason we take things so seriously as you put it, is that most people only know of the church by a old stereotype which bad reporting and use of words in the media does nothing to dispel. We don’t want our good works to be overshadowed by peoples stereotypical perception of us. That’s why we take a keen interest in the media getting things right.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Forgot again. And I was doing so well!

Saxon said...


Alice Wills Gold said...

I don't know if it makes me any happier knowing that it is the other Alice being insulted.

Anonymous, whoever you are, I don't usually take much notice when people make fun of my religion because I think it is a terrible tragedy...I guess I have two reasons...1-Being American and a Mormon it has been engrained in me to honor other people's beliefs and not to tear people down for how they believe. Even people like you who may have the misfortune of not believing in God.

Secondly, the human race cannot know the joy that there is to behold until they have all the knowledge God has to offer..some people are so close minded that they will never know.

Anonymous said...


Why was I insulting my freind Alice?

I am confused - what did IU actually tap that was offensive?

Anonymous said...

I am not close minded.

I am very open minded to proof that such 'god' exists. But there is none.

So like I should not be a little mean about mormanship (which I did apologies about), perhaps you should heede(heade)(?) your own advice and not make fum of my 'tragic, non belief!'. However, I personally am not bothered by your comments. You are just weird.

Saxon said...

J.c saying that your open minded to proof then saying there is none doesn’t speak of a very open mind. If your waiting for 100% absolute proof of God’s existence then your going to be in for a very long wait. If there was any such proof their would be no need for faith and our free agency would be useless as we’d all be in church and doing the right thing as we wouldn’t dare do anything else as we would know what the consequences are.

You say that you were mean about the church yet you had apologised about it. However if you want people to accept your apologies you should do the same. As I stated in my reply to you comment in the friends roll call post I’ve apologised several times for the chair incident which was nearly 10 years ago yet you seem incapable of letting it drop.