Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Their not picking a football team

As long time readers may now towards the end of last year I did a series of posts based on the discussion boards of a certain LDS website . I haven't visited this site in a while but I thought I might try to see what they were saying after the announcement of the new 1st Presidency for our church. Well decided to visit was my first mistake, actually reading anything was my second I don't know what it is about this site but it seems to bring out the worst in church members.

There was one thread about the new presidency. The person who started the thread said words to the effect of that although President Monson was the traditional choice for president, he didn't know if his choice of counselors were traditional. So he asked if people thought President Monson had gone with a traditional choice or was trying some new and innonative. At which point I stopped reading appalled by this thread which seemed bad even by this sites standards. " traditional or innonative" it makes it sound like that he was picking a football team!

Well never let it be said that eastenders is struggling for storylines. In their latest " not attempting to push the boundaries of taste and cause a media frenzy in order to boost our ratings, honest" storyline a wife whose husband cheated on her will seduce him, drug him, then bury him alive in the woods in a coffin. See that happens all the time in soaps doesn't it? In fact I'm sure no one will raise a eyelid over the fact she's driving round with a coffin on the backseat of her car!

I got to drive Grumpys car into work today as he was taking mine to get some new tires. I was actually impressed with my last set of tires as they lasted a lot longer then we thought they would considering we got a warning at my last MOT. I think grumpy was glad as well that they were actually replaced this time as I think he had enough of taking my car in only to be told that there was no point to replace them yet.

I stopped to get petrol yesterday to discover valentines dispalys are even taking over the petrol stations. Is there no way to escape this day which is only good for people in relationships and only serves to make people who aren't in relationships even more painfully aware of this fact? Hmmm?? The petrol station I stopped at, did have quite cheap fuel. it was "Only" £1.02 a litre. which works out at something like $7.72 a galleon in US prices. I remember when eighty pence seemed like a lot.

oh well,



Mike Ball said...

I remember when 55p was a lot for fuel! So now people can buy a Valentines card along with their charcoal brickettes, flowers and screenwash - whatever next?

Saw this news item on the BBC website regarding a new temple in Chorley, Lancashire...


A very interesting item.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Hey Saxon

I think I am finally back to some blogging normalcy. I had to change my template, and I have been working on a new RSS feed so that I can keep up with all my newfound blogging friends!

First, and foremost, sorry about the Valentines thing. If it makes you feel any better, those of us that have been married a long time don't do a whole lot on that day either.

And, really, think about it, what poor soul is getting something from the convenient store...is that what you want?

I feel a new english ed & et coming on...topics:

galleon and pence
petrol (c'mon I thought everyone in the world called that gasoline?)

P.S.I am with you about certain LDS blogs, those people cannot really be members of the church...questioning the first presidency choices...c'mon!!! They just make me sick...they need to find something else to blog or talk about...or maybe just move out of Utah.

Saxon said...

whatever next? bread? Milk? Frozen food? No, wait you can already do that :-)

Thanks for the link. It was a very interesting article.

Saxon said...

what poor soul is getting something from the convenient store

probably the soul who failed to notice it was valentines day and is desperately trying to avoid trouble!

Satnav: It's basically a electronic GPS style device which you have in your car and it gives you verbal directions to your destination.

MOT: An MOT is a test for cars that you have to take yearly and it checks the cars safety and road worthiness. If you fail, your car shouldn't be on the road and you need an MOT to get your Car tax and insurance.

galleon and pence: A galleon is about 4 Litres I think.

There are 100 pennies(pence) in a pound.

Petrol: Yes we call it petrol not gasoline

It wasn't a blog, it's a actual website. I think the best way to describe it, is a poor LDS version of facebook

Mike Ball said...

Not to mention that most Americans that I've spoken to are amazed that we have to have a TV Licence here in the UK!

Saxon said...

yes, just in case you don't know Alice if you have a TV you have to buy a TV licence here in the UK. It only last for a year so you have to buy a new one each year as long as you have a TV. The licence is a £135 and if you don't have one and are caught by one of the 'detector vans' watching TV you will get a fine of up to £1000.

Ader Family said...

that's EXPENSIVE 'petrol' ....
And V-Day gifts from the gas station, that's pathetic. Please don't ever do that.

Saxon said...

yes petrol is rather exspensive in the Uk.

and don't worry. I would never buy any valentines gifts or any other sort of gifts from a petrol station.