Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What is it about wednesdays this year

One of my responsibilities at work is making sure that all of the nice shiny new books we make get out to people as soon as possible. For review, reference etc. Sending them out to magazines and stuff is hard and usually give me a headache as I have to look at the same 15 screens in sequence and the same set of numbers 130 times in a row. Taking the books around the buildings to various people in the company is easy. Usually…..

Yes the freaking Wednesday curse which has been dogging me so well this year has struck yet again. Not only have I got to sort out the external samples, I also had to take a trolley full of books over to the other building and everybody who I have to give the books too is on the third and top floor of these building. Of course it being a Wednesday things couldn’t be that simple! I finally get inside to discover that the people in that building had broken their lift (elevator to all American readers). So that left muggin’s here lugging two very heavy boxes all the way up the stairs!

On the plus side one of the books I was taking round was a short story collection with one short story which has the title “ Evil Robot Monkey”, which I think is just a brilliant title and people should buy the book just for that.

I have to take it easy with my driving for the next couple of days as I’ve now got two new front tires. According to the garage I’ve got to take it easy for at least a hundred miles until their ‘worn in’. I was just thinking the term garage will probably be very confusing for Alice, as depending where you are in the UK a “Garage” can something attached to the side of your house which you put your car in, It can be a place where you can get petrol for your car and it can be a place where you take your car when it needs fixing.

Anyhow, it’s institute tonight. Hopefully it will be a nice uplifting lesson as opposed to one of those that makes me incredibly depressed.



Alice Wills Gold said...

Well, you can look at the bright, you got paid for your workout!

yes, you are confusing me...I am keeping notes....English words of the day....muggins and lift and garage.

You really are thinking of your American friend over here, huh?

Saxon said...

true I did.

did you see my comment on one of the other posts in reply to your comment explaining other english terms?