Saturday, January 01, 2011

Start as you mean to go on

I think Grumpy and Owen were somewhat surprised this morning when I joined them for his walk. Owen seemed to keep looking between us like he was throughly confused to see me out with them.

I'll admit it wasn't the easiest of walks mainly as the melted snow has turned most of the paths round here into muddy, boggy messes. But it was a good way to get started on the first of my New Years resolutions to get more exercise.

My next was to cut down in sugar and caffine. This does mean however that based on previous experience I'll be expecting the inevitable caffine withdrawal headaches to kick in around Tuesday, just in time for me to go back to work.

Oh Joy. and I suppose I ought to warn the rest of my team to expect me to be a bit cranky as well.

Still if I keep with it based on previous experience, they should be totally gone by the end of the week, it will just be one heck of a week. I'll just keep the nurofen handy and just keep telling myself it's for my own good and actually stick to the no caffine thing this time around.

Any how asides from that it's been a very quiet low key start to the year. Asides from trying to teach Grumpy and Tap Dance how to play Super Mario Bros on the Wii. Grumpy has proven to be very adept at it. Providing all you need him to do is jump up and down on one of the other players heads!

Later folks

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