Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye, bye now

Well in just three hours and twenty minutes ( at time of writing of course) 2010 will be coming to a close and we will be welcoming 2011.

Of course some places in the world have already welcomed in 2011 which means they are now in a different decade to us ( don't think about it too much you'll probably get a headache :-)

Although as Grumpy pointed out when they invented GMT time as the "central time" for want of a better term, why did they come up with a system where some of the world was ahead of us in time. Why wasn't it worked out that everyone was behind us?

I'm sure mind you there is some indepth technical reason as to why this is the case but I can't be bothered to think of it right now as I'm too tired!

Well one thing we'll have to welcome in the new year is a 3.5 pence rise in the price of petrol with a fuel duty hike and the VAT rise combined! That means the average price around geektown will be 1.28!

Of course I also couldn't welcome in the new year without my final day of work, which turned out to be a much harder slog then I anticipated with my patience once again being tested to the upmost!

Still I don't have to worry about that again until Tuesday.

I suppose all I have left to do now is to draw a close to another year on The Grumblings of a Geek by thanking all of my regular readers and wish you a happy new year and may 2011 bring you all you desire.

Later folks

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