Wednesday, January 05, 2011

There's a point to this somewhere

Once again whilst waiting for the bus this morning I found myself playing with my new phone ( whatever did I do before it?.... wait I know something more constructive like read abook) and found yet another new application which I could play with. It was a map that comes with GPS and allows you to track where you are and where you going, etc, etc.

So I spent the trip into the office on the bus watching the screen and looking at my journey as it occured using this little map. Rather then using the slightly less hi tech method of simply looking out of the damn window.

See sometimes like a little knowledge, too much technology can be a dangerous thing. So I think I need to stop playing with the phone, or at least get some better and more intereting apps. I better ask Bishop Mechanicum what he prefers for his phone.

It was another busy day at work, and also a frustrating one but that was probably just down to the mid week blues. Plus the news that we're about to get another load of snow hitting the uk.

Oh well, c'est la vie.

I also found the downside to having to go to a church meeting straight from work. It gets very difficult to concentrate when you're feeling hungry.

I mean I could have been agreeing to anything by the end of it and been none the wiser :-)


later folks

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