Saturday, January 29, 2011

nooo.................... anything but that

I was pretty well horrified to see a news story today that Channel 5 are trying to buy the Big brother format so they can show it instead of channel 4. Why? It was finished! Dead! Kaptuz! Had we not suffered enough?

Okay I'm possibly being ever so slightly over dramatic but you get my point. But who knows, maybe the deal wll fall through? Because after all where could they fit in the schedule with all of the repeats of NCIS and CSI?

Primeval was pretty good tonight if only for featuring the first bad guy ever to have actually watched any films or tv. Because when he constructed his bomb he used the same colour wiring for everything. Leavng the hero to guess as there was no green wire. Of course there was no doubt she was going to pick the right wire but it was still pretty funny.

They've just released a new trailer for the new Duke Nukum Computer game. ( it's only been 12 years since the last one). It look like it's still going to be as gloriously politically incorrect as the first game was. The interesting thing will be if they've put in a "adult" and "non adult mode" like the first game.

Well I have one more day and then back to work. The advantage with my current job is that their shouldn't be anything waiting for me when I go back as everything would have be shared out among the rest of the team. The small downside to this is that I will get all of the new stuff coming in until my queue goes up to the same length as everybody elses.

But c'est la vie. I'll just have to hope for some nice files.


Later folks

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