Saturday, January 22, 2011

That's Dark

I was just watching the latest episode of Primeval and I've belately realised that it's become quite dark for Saturday night show and I don't mean that it has a lot of sequences set at night.

I mean you've got a series that has gone from in it's first year being most well known for a certain ex pop star appearing in her underwear of numeous occasions to a 4th series where they seems to be a ever escalating body count in each episode.

For example last week you have a teacher and teenage girl killed in a school. Although the sequence where the girl is killed shows that the director was one of those who remembers that it's what you don't see that is more effective and where she gets killed by a dinosaur all you hear is her screaming and the horrified expression of someone watching it on CCTV.

This week you had somewhat killed in a tent and that was in the first thirty seconds. You then have two further deaths and lets not forget the women who someone tried to kill by tying her up and gagging her and then leaving her sealed in a tomb in the middle of a cemetery! Of course you knew that the hero was going to turn up and rescue her but I mean still!!

Pretty dark.

As Tap Dance is currently in Malaysia we are currently looking after her two birds. ( which delighted Owen as he really likes it if they come to stay) And both of them, well they pretty much chatter away all day. Although we're not too sure if it's too each other. We're fairly certain that one of them is talking to their own reflection in the big mirror on the dresser.


Later folks

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