Saturday, January 15, 2011

Simply speaking

Well I thought that the barrel and had it's bottom scraped when they announced a movie based on the game battleships.

Yes that Battleships game! and it will star the pop star rhianna no less.

Well it seems that movie makes have found yet another part fo the bottom of that ole barrel which hasn't been scraped.

Indeed they have just announced a movie based on the game Missile command.

Yes that Missile command game, the gme with literally no end.

Lets hope the movie doesn't turn out the same way.

Speaking of games I made the mistake of visiting apps website for my new phone to see what games they had available. I settled for a free game which sounded simple enough, the basic premise is tha you have a set number of girders to build a bridge over a gorge for the train to safely pass over. If you fail cue a rather distrubing set of sound effects.

Simple premise right?

Well not so simple in reality. In fact the phone has almost headed out of the window or into the wall on numerous occasions. But dispite the frustrations I can not stop playing it because it's so simple it's proving to be massively addictive.

I guess I just need to find a new constructive project to focus my attention on, otherwise one of two things will probably happen. Either I will beat that game or the phone is going out of the window!

Later folks

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