Monday, January 24, 2011

Well that certainly is thinking outside the box, but.....

Well in these days of ever shrinking budgets it was inevitable that some county councils were going to start thinking outside of the box. One council has decided that by using waste heat from the equipment from one of it's facilities it can heat the swimming pool next year and save significant amounts of money every year as well as helping their environmental targets.

So like a great plan right?

Well in theory yes. What people aren't so happy about is where the heat is coming from. You see the equipment in the facility next door is furnance and the facility itself? Why it's a crematorium

Now it's a fact of life that most people don't like talking about death, so the council should have seen that no matter how valid and sound their reasoning is for saving money and energy people weren't going to like this idea. In fact I think the news article about this even used the words creepy, icky and gruesome to decribe some of the reactions they weren't getting from the locals.

Which shows it must be bad as you don't get to see the word icky on a regular basis in a national newspaper


Later folks

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