Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Well at least he stopped sulking

Owen is a little bit protective when it comes to people coming to "his house". Be it the Hometeachers or the postman, who he really doesn't like and for reasons best known to himself grabs a shoes and shakes it all around when ever the postman arrives.

What I didn't realise what just how much he detests the window cleaners who happened to arrive today and I was witness to Owen going completely bersek! Grumpy had to hold Owen on the landing with all of the doors shut whilst the windows cleaners went about their work.

Still at least it stopped Owen lolling about the house looking totally fed up. We're hopign that when Tap dance arrives back he should cheer up.

Whose is currently on her way back from Malaysia. But although I say currently, it's actually already tomorrow for her. So technically she is on her way home tomorrow for us even though it's today for her.

Wait I'm confused.

I hate trying to figure out time differences.

The biggest laugh of the day came from a church video on a website where due to the camera angle the actor makes a rather rude gesture directly at the camera and it's very obivous. We're going to have to phrase the feedback for that one quite carefully.

Later Folks.

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